You Know You're In 
Fiankoma When . . .


Callyn complied a great list of observations by our group members. For the purpose of this website I selected some that I think outside readers will find funny, also.


You know you are in Fiankoma when…

1. You party at a funeral.
2. You get excited about any approaching vehicle.
3. You jump in surprise at the sound of a cell phone.
4. Any time the high stays below 100F it was a nice day out.
5. You smell something and you’re like, “Oooo…that’s me.”
6. It is common to eat in the presence of chickens, sheep, and goats.
7. A 75F coke is cool and refreshing.
8. A six year old girl can carry more bricks than you can.
9. Sunscreen and bug spray become your perfume.
10. Clean scrubs are your formal wear.
11. Going to bed at 9pm is a late night.
12. You get out of the shower and you don’t know if you’re dripping sweat
or water.
13. You go for a quiet walk and you return with a village of children
following you.
14. You begin to recognize individual chickens.
15. You regularly wake up to a rooster before dawn – or a team leader
pretending to be one.
16. You find yourself wrapped up in your mosquito net in the morning.
17. The acceptable gifts to the Chief are two bottles of Schnapp’s and a
Coca Cola.
18. You start mistaking black flip flops for black snakes.
19. Torrential rain on a tin roof drowns out all conversation beginning at 5:30.
20. Beauty shops praise Jesus more than the churches.
21. You play a soccer game with two extra players and four Ghanaian
ringers on your team and you still only TIE a team of Ghanaian children.