GHANA 2006
David Meverden's Experiences on a Habitat for 
Humanity International Trip

Thank you for visiting this website, created to help me share my experiences on the Habitat for Humanity International Trip to Ghana in the summer of 2006. The trip was 2 weeks of house building, enduring brutal heat, meeting new people, experiencing village life, and seeing the country. It was an amazing trip and I want to thank everyone who formed the fantastic team, my family who's financial flexibility helped make the trip easier, and to everyone else who supported me. 

This website is divided into several parts, the primary one being my Journal and accompanying photographs. Other sections give brief information about the trip or the country. If you have any questions, comments, or want to contact me for any reason feel free to email at To find out more about the organization behind this kind of international trip see the Habitat for Humanity International global village program website,

The 11 person habitat group of which I 
was lucky enough to be a part.